Reflections on Me Made May 2018

So did I manage it?
'I, Beulah Birtley, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I will endeavour to wear a me made item of clothing to work for 20 days May 2018' 
Yes, but I forgot to take photos on some of the days!
Here's the pictures that I did take (any that are missing are just repeats of these) with links if I blogged about them.
Butterick 6333, New Look 6123, Style 2888, Simplicity 2599
Simplicity 2599, New Look 6123, Style 2888, Vogue 1503

So what have I learnt?
  • I only wear things to work that I can wear black trousers or tights with and I only have one pair of trousers (from Gap) that fit.
  • Some of my Simplicity 2599 tops don't really fit me but I've cut them all out the the same so I'm not sure why that is.
  • The McCall's 5661 top has a hole in it and is a little too short for work - clothes pull up when you write on a board.
  • I wore an old black H&M cardigan nearly everyday (the building I work in is over a hundred years old and temperatures vary wildly from room to room, not relating at all to the weather outside) and it looks shabby.
  • Even though I have other things I could have worn I wear items on repeat.
  • There were only a couple of ready to wear things I missed wearing - a loose fitting dress and a striped t-shirt.
  • My favourite two items are definitely Vogue 1428 and New Look 6123 I think because they fit the best.  I do a lot of writing on whiteboards, with my arm raised, so fit across the shoulders is key.
I've never aspired to have an entirely handmade wardrobe but I do love sewing so it makes sense to think about what items I wear most and make more of these.  I really, really need to make some trousers for work as I struggle to get ready to wear ones to fit - hence wearing the same pair at least 3 times every week! 
Did you take part in Me Made May? Did you learn anything during the process?


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