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Sewing with Scraps

Listening to the recent Love to Sew podcast on Sustainability has made me think about left over fabric carefully.  I try to be really mindful of this as I often buy over the internet and most sellers only often whole metres.  I'm always reluctant to throw fabric away but am mindful of how useful tiny scraps can be, I can't bear to get rid of any Liberty print no matter how small!
I've still got a couple of pieces of the fabric from bridesmaid's dresses my mother and I made for my sister's wedding even after making her a pair of pyjamas out of what was left over.
I made my jewel top out of left over fabric and was able to do so because when I cut the original dress out I thought out how to place the pattern pieces to give usable scraps.  I'd had in mind at the time that I might get something else out of the length of fabric I purchased, even though I bought the required length for the pattern.
Sometimes there is quite a gap between the original garment being sew…

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