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Liberty Pyjamas

Since my last post I've made several things but photographed none except some pyjamas. I've made, in order, a dress, a pair of cotton twill trousers, the aforementioned pyjamas, a pair of linen shorts and a dress.  I'll try a blog them all in due course as I really like being able to look back at some of the details I might struggle to remember. I've bought, and sewn, this Liberty tana lawn before in a different colourway (and made a top from the leftovers).  It was the fact that the print shares my name, Alexandra, that first drew me to it but I love the fact that it isn't a floral! I had two metres which was easily enough to fit a pair of trousers and a sleeveless top. I used Simplicity 8518 for the bottoms.  I've made these before and was happy with the fit but I've never undone the button fly so I omitted it this time which made it a much quicker sew. I also had the correct width elastic which makes a (positive) difference. For the top I had a rummage t…

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