Growing Fonder of Simplicity 2599

After finishing my vintage Jean Muir dress I wanted to sew something a little quicker.  I've had 1m of Liberty Tana Lawn 'Growing Fonder' for a little while now after falling in love with this beautiful dress from Mrs Pomerantz.

                                               Image of Manon - made to measure dress made of Liberty Art Fabric

However its very expensive and not really my style.  But beautiful nevertheless.
So I bought some of the fabric instead. 1m is easily enough to make a Simplicity 2599 from,  and without any ruffles it gives the fabric's pattern chance to shine.
I don't think I've really made anything before with a stripe in it so I spent a little while deciding on the pattern placement  but after that it went together really quickly.

I decided in the end to place the palest part of the pattern across the bust so the darts wouldn't show too much.

I wore this out to dinner last night but the weather was awful so I didn't get any photos taken - but the sun came out this morning...

 I had a change from covered buttons on this one...

Its really hard to done justice to how lovely this fabric is in a photo, I think the back view is the closest in colour - a mixture of blues and greys.  The metallic silver accents on the peacocks' tails haven't come out at all.
This is the fourth time I've made the basic top from the Simplicity pattern and I think I'm ready for some more adaptations.  There is more excess fabric in the back waist than is strictly necessary and I fancy having a go at changing the neckline maybe to a bateau style. But what fabric?!


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