Trousers! - McCall's 7726

As I mentioned in my last post I am in real need of some well fitting trousers so I made a toile of McCall's 7726.  I've seen loads of great versions of these so I thought I'd give them a go.  I cut a size 10 at the waist and graded out to a 12 at the hip as the finished measurements seemed quite roomy.
I cut them as shorts as the trouser version takes a lot of fabric.  The front doesn't look too bad although I'm definitely going to cut a 12 waist as I think I'll want to tuck things in and these are quite snug when I try that.
At first glance they don't look too bad at the back but you can just make out some drag lines.
You can see at the dragging from the sides as well and the fabric is bunching above my bottom.  After wearing them around the garden for a bit I realised they were riding up as well.
So time for some drastic action...
I slashed across where the fabric was tightest and also vertically.  Its a bit tricky patching by yourself (Mr B is useless at pinning) but the difference feels amazing.
I added 1/2" at the base of each vertical slash and 1" at the centre of the horizontal cut. I can see in the side view that the fabric is lying much better.
I don't have any fabric ready to go but I feel like I am much further forward.
I'm not into making loads of alterations to patterns. For tops I've discovered that a narrow shoulder adjustment is easy to do and makes a massive difference for me. I'm hoping that I'm on the road to finding a go to adjustment for trousers.
I'm feeling quite pleased with the fit so far but if you have any advice I'd love more help!


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