Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sequin Print Vogue 8847

I decided in the run up to Christmas to make an outfit to wear on Christmas day.  I've had Vogue 8847 in my stash for a while now but after purchasing it I wasn't sure if I liked it. I chose to make view A, although not cut crosswise, as I liked the shaped front hemline.

A similar story for the fabric, a wool viscose sequin print bought from ebay.  So it was a wearable muslin I was after.   It was a really tight squeeze to cut the pattern out as I only had 2 metres of 145cm wide fabric which I shrank slightly when I prewashed it compared to the 2.1 metres of 150cm wide needed, so no pockets!

I cut an 8 top and widened to a 10 round the hips although I think I could have cut a straight 8.
I totally forgot to get any pictures taken on Christmas day so Dolly is modelling.

I'm still not sure about the fabric or the pattern but I think its probably the colour that I'm not keen on. Note to self: don't buy any brown or beige fabric it the future!