Vogue 1287 - Part 1

I've decided to attempt to sew this pattern, Vogue 1287, a DKNY number...

I've read a number of reviews of this pattern and it has made me a little nervous of beginning it but I guess you need to have a challenge for the summer holidays!
The main problem for me is the sizing (quelle suprise), its described as "very loose fitting" but I don't want to look like I'm wearing a tent.  The smallest size on the pattern is an 8 which has a finished bust measurement of 41" which is 9" bigger than my actual bust, too loose in my opinion.  So I've decided to size it down to roughly a 4 which should hopefully take it down to 39" or smaller.
Looking at the pattern piece for the bodice front I wasn't entirely sure how to achieve this as I didn't want to mess up the pleating.  Then I noticed that all the small and large circles fell in line so following this pattern seemed the way forward.  Each circle was 8mm (give or take) apart so I measured 16mm from the last circle in each line and marked it.
Mr B took a picture for me...

Then I joined up the dots and drew across the top...

I also took 1/2" off each of the side seams front and back.
I'm going to use some cheap, light-weight jersey that I bought a while ago so if it all goes horribly wrong I won't have lost much.

Hopefully the combination of stretch fabric and crazy print will disguise any bodging that might occur!


  1. You did a great job, that drastic a reduction is difficult, you did it very well and you have a great looking dress to show for it.


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