Back from the brink

Its been a trying few evil summer cold, busy busy at work...But I've made it, and in fact I've made Vogue 1271.
It was the Sixth Form Leavers' Ball coming up and I bought some lovely mocha coloured satin to make the dress in.  And then disaster strikes, a head full of snot, I won't go in to detail but suffice to say cutting out and sewing were definitely off the cards.  I'd resolved to recycle a dress from a few years back.  Then I started getting asked what I was going to be wearing, "you always make such beautiful dresses" and I was tempted even though there was only a week to go.  Mr B sealed it when he expressed the opinion that I could just "beast it over the weekend".
I've made a Vogue Kay Unger dress before (V1241) and had a small disaster with the sizing of the skirt so I was a bit nervous about the sizing for this one.

This wasn't helped by the fact that even though the style is similar the sizing seems to be on a different scale.  I cut an 8 bust, 10 waist, 12 hip, added 3 inches to the skirt length and hoped for the best.
It all came together remarkably smoothly, although I have no idea what the twill tape was for so I just missed that out, and the fit is really good.  The construction is really clever and only marred by the fact that in my rush I'd cut the skirt lining pieces the wrong way round so I was left with lots of raw edges that I couldn't finish off properly.  But I only had an hour left so I decided that as I was just going to be sat down most of the evening I would just hope no-one noticed.
So here it is.

I'm really glad I cut it a bit longer than the pattern said.  I missed the belt detail off as I couldn't find anything at short notice to use as the buckle. Aren't the sleeves brilliant?

I have vowed never to make anything in such a rush again, but the compliments made it worth it - vanity, vanity....


  1. Those sleeves are wonderful! Nicely done!

    1. Thank you! Both for the compliment and being my first comment ever!!

  2. The sleeves are a great feature. The dress is lovely and I hope my version turns out as lovely as yours is.


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