Vogue 1121 - Part One

Well I'm not sure where the last two months have gone! Lots of boring stuff has happened - Mr B has had a very stressful half term at work, cyber attack at my work, we've been decorating the spare room at a snail's pace, the world is rubbish...
I've started work on an outfit to wear to a wedding in August.  I've had Vogue 1121 in my pattern stash for some years now but the right occasion has never presented itself.

My original vision was that I would make it out of linen and be a sophisticated Kate Middleton-esque figure until my Mother pointed out that linen equals creases (any slight differences in our builds and disposable incomes were not mentioned).

I've had a few fabric samples and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a pale blue John Kaldor linen look fabric (the one on the left).  I would imagine all of Kate's dresses are made of wool crepe or silk but I really can't countenance the expense so will have to settle for a cotton lining to deal with any 'glowing' that may occur on the day.
The pattern is single sized 32 1/2" bust and I've made an initial toile with no alterations (I have found in the past that this size fits fairly well around the bust and shoulders despite it being a size smaller than my measurements would suggest).

(Please excuse the tatty hair/face/elbow, I really haven't been well this week.  Not sure why Mr B didn't tell me to stand up straight)

The fit isn't too bad - if it was ready to wear I would just put up with it and accept that I would have to hold my stomach in all day/wear those hold your tummy in tights that make it difficult to go to the toilet.  But I'm going to let the waist out maybe as much as two inches (half an inch on each side seam) and possibly narrow the shoulders also.

I think the wrinkles at the back waist are more to do with how tight the waist is but perhaps a sway back adjustment is necessary?

Any comments/suggestions fit wise are gratefully received 
I really find making toiles dull but I know that I should test out these alterations before starting the real thing...


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