Rachel Comey Top

On our first visit to Cragside this year Mr B reminded me of a top I made last summer so I thought I'd share it now.
It's Vogue 1503 a Rachel Comey design.  I bought the pattern for the blouse (Vogue must have been feeling generous to put two completely different tops in the same envelope) but on a whim decided to make view A first.

It's really not my style, or so I thought, but I've worn this top loads.  I cut a straight size 8, which is two sizes down on my actual measurements, and reduced the front ruffle's rufflyness by folding the pattern piece.

It was really pleasing to sew, everything went together nicely - the instructions for the seam finishes are particularly detailed.  I love the overlapping shoulder pieces, which I obviously don't have a good picture of, and the sleeve cuff weirdly.

 I do have a lot of back view photos though...

I have made view B also but it wasn't nearly as successful, mainly due to fabric and thread choice, and sadly I've only ended up wearing it once. I have however just cut out a second version of view A.
PS - I can't recommend Cragside highly enough - such an interesting house and amazing grounds!


  1. A pretty top. It's funny how sometimes the things we don't think we are going to like, or make on a whim, end up being wardrobe staples.

    1. Thanks. I think it's hard to push beyond your usual style when you are sewing because of the time (and money) you invest in the making process but I'm definitely going to try different shapes in the future.


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