Vintage Vogue 2883 - Part Four

Ta Dah!  My Jean Muir creation is complete!

Getting it finished wasn't too tricky, the neck band was just a repeat of the waist band (although I much tighter curve) and the hem a repeat of the sleeve finish.

I'm really pleased with the result, I wish it was slightly longer but I couldn't cut it any longer on the fabric I'd bought.

Covered buttons again (I've started buying them in bulk).

There is a bit of a design flaw in that I can't do or undo the buttons without Mr B's assistance but I guess that's what husbands are for!
All in this has cost me under £20 and its made in plenty time for when I need it at the end of June (unlike this one).
I'm glad to get it finished because in the meantime I've thought of loads of garment ideas and 'accidentally' bought two lengths of fabric...


  1. Lovely!
    Those sleeves are very nice and I very much like the pleating/gathering on the boddice. The colour suits you too.... This may go on my list :-)


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