Yellow and Grey Cushions

I'm trying to keep the momentum going with my sewing but decided on something much easier this week.  I've had fabric for cushion covers for the living room hanging about for a couple of months so it was high time they got sewn.
I'd seen some lovely cushions in John Lewis ages ago but they were £40 each!  The fabric (called Lace by Scion) for these ones set me back £30 for a metre but the cushion pads were only £2 each from Durham market and the zips 80p each (looking back that seems too cheap somehow) giving a grand total of £38.40 for three cushions.  Take that! Pricey department store!

Its the first time I've used invisible zips for cushion covers and I think they are the way forward.  I find putting them in much easier than ordinary zips now and I think it looks very professional, even if I do say so myself.

Hurrah for saving £80!


  1. Def. take that pricey department store! I ran out of invisible zips and put in a standard one for a muslin the other day, and it was awful. I made a complete hash .... So now I have several new invisible zips in the drawer just in case I might need one. lol


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