Bye Bye Vertical Blinds

I totally dislike vertical blinds, sure they have their uses - like in my room at work, but not on the landing in our house!
So I've spent the last few evenings making a roman blind to turn the window from this...

(Its really hard taking good photos of windows, isn't it?)

To this...

The old person extra handrail has gone too - hoorah!
The blind has been made for under £40, half of that going on the fabric, which is called Twist from Clarke and Clarke, the full length of the blind is nearly 2m.  I've made it with blackout lining, the old blinds were useless at keeping light out and in the winter it will hopefully help keep the heat in.
Mr B was glad there was no drilling - the blind is attached by velcro at the top and the screws for the cleat went it by hand (I'm not sure that is a good thing though, wonder what is underneath the wallpaper?)
We won't be properly decorating the hall, stairs and landing for a while but this has made it much more homely.
And look at these guys...

50% off from Laura Ashley at the weekend - they light up!  I've had my eye on them for a while. 


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