Clown Pants - McCall's 7726

"They're not that bad" Mr B said comfortingly, but the look on his face suggested that these trousers weren't looking as fabulous as I'd hoped!
In my mind I was going to look tall and elegant wearing my fake jumpsuit, comprising a Simplicity 2938 top and McCall's 7726 trousers.  Except I'm just average height, with regular length legs and a dislike of wearing heels for any length of time.  And the top was making me sweaty.
I went back to my sewing room and took in one of the side seams by an inch and a half.  And put on some heels.
"Maybe I can style it out?"
"Hmmm" responded Mr B
They don't look ridiculous from the side but I can't just sidle up to people all the time.
I'm not even sure I'm going to finish them and if I don't they will be only the third garment never to be completed in my entire 20 year sewing career.  Its not that I'm amazing at sewing, some of my completed garments have hardly been worn for one reason or another, but I like to finish what I'm making.  Sewing black fabric is so dull.  I don't don't know how to turn these into something I'll wear.  There is so much black fabric.
I'm going to set them aside for a while and see if inspiration strikes.
Any suggestions?


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