DKNY Trousers - Vogue 1438

I've made some trousers!  They have a proper fly front! They fit!

I've wanted to make trousers for a while. I really struggle to by trousers that fit and I'm going off skinny jeans - which also hardly ever fit but at least are stretchy.

I have made trousers before, about 20 years ago I used to make pull on elasticated waist trousers -basically pyjamas - and I have had a couple of attempts at proper trousers since.  I just gave up because the fabric is boring and I've never wanted to wear the end result either because of the poor fit or poor workmanship I achieved.

I don't know why I suddenly felt the urge to have another go, maybe it was how well my planets blouse came out, using Vogue 1438.  I ordered some swatches, picked my fabric, viscose poly stretch suiting from Minerva Crafts, got started and it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Due to the loose fit of the pattern I cut a straight size 14 which probably made things easier, no fitting alterations (think I ought to be doing a full butt adjustment of some size, I also have 'sturdy' thighs!).  And I made sure I tailor tacked all the markings.

They are incredibly comfortable but I felt a bit strange wearing them out because everyone else seemed to be wearing skinny jeans - I found myself looking out for ladies that weren't and they were few and far between!

I really need some new trousers for work so I'm going to keep persevering and try something a little more fitted next time.  Can anyone recommend me a pattern?


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