DKNY Wrap Skirt

I'm not sure what came over me but I went ahead straight away and made the skirt from the recently purchased DKNY Vogue pattern.  This is unusual behaviour for me but I happened to have some fabric already (I don't have a massive fabric stash - patterns are my weakness).
The fabric is a black wool suiting remnant that was amazing until I washed it. It went slightly spongey and a little bobbly so has been sitting in a drawer for a while.  To be fair I would never get round to dry cleaning my clothes so its better this way and time has made the memory of the original quality fade.

This was quite an easy sew but involved sewing interfacing to the skirt rather than interfacing the waistband facing which I've never done before.  It wasn't tricky to do but I'm not sure of the advantages of doing it that way round.

Anyway I'm quite pleased with the end result and may get round to making the trousers if I find some suitable fabric.  I made a size 14 graded out to a 16 hip in the skirt but I don't think I needed the extra space so I might be ok to just cut a 14 for the trousers.

I other news...
  • my school is having a party in May to celebrate the result of the OFSTED inspection
    • dress code 'smart casual' - what even is that (apart from an oxymoron)? What should I make?
  • Despite appearances in the above photos, the spare room plaster has been given a coat of emulsion and the ceiling is painted.
  • the below fabric was purchased.


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