Should I bring the 90s back?

You may be wondering how the smeed diet went.
Well everything was going smoothly, I'd made it 4 days with out checking anything then my school got the call from OFSTED.  Now I know that I'm good at my job, I get observed all the time, my school is amazing but somehow OFSTED just makes me panic a little - so I gave up. And I'm ok with that, I just needed distracting or I wouldn't have been able to sleep.
As a prize for surviving the experience (OFSTED that is, not the social media diet) and doing rather well I've treated myself to a new sewing pattern (and Mr B bought me some new shoes).
Vogue 2938 a 1992 DKNY jacket, skirt and trousers.

Image result for vogue 2938 dkny

I was originally attracted by the (probably deeply unflattering) trousers but now I'm quite in to the skirt.  Should I be revisiting 90s fashion?  Teen aged Beulah was not very stylish* so perhaps this is my chance to shine 90s style?
Anyway, in other news, whilst work was going crazy we were also in the middle of getting our spare room plastered so the house was  is in turmoil.  But now we've reached the tester pot stage which is much more like it...

* whether adult Beulah is stylish is also questionable but she cares rather less.


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