Creatively Tired

I haven't written anything in a while nearly a year and I've kind of missed it.
Not actually writing posts but being able to look back over them.
So I'm going to start up again with low quality photos (I'm rubbish at editing) and fewer links (just can't be bothered).  I don't suppose anyone will mind.
I have made lots since last April but life took over and I got out the habit of recording things. However the point of this blog in the first place was that I plan more than I make, I wanted to make myself complete more and I'm falling back into bad habits.
Why?  Because of social media of course.
'Smeeds' says Mr B.  He has a Year 10 form class and is the authority (in our house) on youth speak.
Anyway, as I was saying, I seem to spend hours browsing, admiring other people's makes and not getting on with anything myself.
So I'm going to stop looking.  For a week (I like to set achievable targets).
You might be wondering what I'm up to right now...
Ages ago (maybe in September) Craftsy classes were on sale so I bought 'The Couture Dress' with Susan Khalje.  I'm really enjoying watching the videos, its lovely watching someone who knows what they are doing sew.  I've made the muslin and it fits as well as its going to - it turns out that Mr B finds it impossible to pin fabric.
I cut a size 12, grading out at the hips.  This isn't what I usually do but after hours of internet research I decided it was the way forward.

I've had to do a full tummy adjustment (too many biscuits?)

And a massive small bust adjustment.
I might set this aside for a week or two as I'm getting a bit fed up with not having a dress yet.  Maybe if I make something quick and easy I'll feel more inspired?


  1. Welcome back! I'm in a stage of alterations without new completed garments to wear, too. It's the doldrums. I need a quick and easy palate cleanser, too.

    1. Hope you've got out of the doldrums - I seriously dislike alterations! Thanks for dropping by.


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