Simplicity 1504 - Pachyderm Pyjamas 1

"Are the elephants afraid of the mice?" asked Mr B whilst taking the photos.

My most recent project has been some pyjama bottoms made from Simplicity 1504 and elephant print cotton lawn (which I saw in John Lewis last weekend at £10 per metre - I paid £4.99 per metre off eBay!).

(I had to borrow Mr B's crumpled pyjama top when I realised I didn't own a white top)

They are experimental, I ultimately want to make a pair of Liberty tana lawn, to test out fit and a couple of techniques.  I've had this project in mind for quite a while, inspired by Puck from the TV programme Crimes of Passion (I can't find any image online to illustrate), and bought the pattern last summer.  I had a number of reservations about the pattern, they will become clear, but it was the closest to what I wanted that I could find at the time.

I cut an adult size medium based on my hip size shortening the leg by an inch.  I made a skirt from Simplicity 2258 last year and really liked the pocket so I used that instead of the pocket included.  I also used bias strips, made from the leftover fabric from a previous make, to highlight the pockets and ankle cuffs.

The major issue is the front crotch length! There is a lot of excess here - I guess this is because it is a unisex pattern.

I made Mr B try them on to confirm this - he needs the length because of the jumble he keeps down there, I do not.

Other more minor issues are my inability to get the bias strips to show evenly, the width at the ankle (I was hoping for something slightly narrower) and the finish of the waist band.

So I've got some thinking to do - please feel free to offer advice.

  • What's the simplest way to get rid of the excess in the front crotch?  Can I cut a wedge out of the pattern? (will that mess up the waist band?) Should I just shorten them front and back by about an inch above the crotch?  Should I use the crotch line for a smaller size?
  • Can I slim the leg down?
  • Should I just use a different pattern (Simplicity 2258 includes trousers) and use the ankle cuff idea from these?
  • I want to make a matching top.  The adult size XS would give me an ease of about 7 inches at the bust so would it be better to use the child size L which has a more sensible 5 1/2 inch ease?  My bust measurement is 33" and I think I'm probably smaller than I was when I was 16!  I want short sleeves so arm length isn't an issue, I'd just need to check body length maybe?

So many questions! Help!


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