Back again - Vogue 8847

So its been a while since I last posted.  I wasn't really in to what I sewed in 2015, I think I put too much pressure on myself making a bridesmaid's dress, trying to make the best dress ever to wear to my sister's wedding, taking the vintage pledge...
But I've missed writing about what I've made, 2016's sewing seems to be going well so far and looking back I actually made some pretty good stuff last year. So I'm going to try and get going with the blog again.

My first make of 2016 is a second version of Vogue 8847 (which seems now to be out of print).  I really liked the style of this but I've realised brown really isn't my colour so after being worn only once the first version has been donated to charity (along with a beige cardigan which made me look so ill I honestly started to feel a bit unwell whilst wearing it).

The fabric was an ebay purchase which I had very low expectations of as it was cheap and polyester but when it arrived it was so lovely.  The weight is good, it presses well but doesn't crease badly and the colours were exactly as shown in the listing (its still available).

via ebay
I love this version of the dress so much more and have been wearing it to work - had I thought about this in advance I would have made view B perhaps as it is slightly longer.

So there we are.  Back again.


  1. I really like this dress! I want to wear this dress. You really did score on the fabric--it's gorgeous.

  2. What a pretty dress! It looks good on you.I have this pattern & appreciate the information in your review.Thank you!

  3. Im just pleased you're back! Been waiting ages for a post! Im studying at Bath Spa uni and I had an idea to create a dress which turns into a purse but Im definitely of the 'cant sew wont sew ilk' and just wished I had your talent haha! I also grew up in Stanley so when I discovered your blog via Memory Box dies (I know) I had to visit. Ive been lurking ever since!

  4. Thanks for commenting! How small the internet is sometimes. Bath is such a lovely city it must be great being at uni there.

  5. Thanks! Its great as I live here but I do miss Durham sometimes. Ive been here since I was 12 (Im older than 12 now, I have my own teenager and tiddler).
    Keep up the good work.


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