Vintage Vogue 2509 - Part One

I'm going to two weddings this summer - my sister's and a friend from school's - a great opportunity to sew something.  However I'm not feeling particularly inspired and am struggling to find any fabric I like.
I've made a toile of Vogue 2509, an early 1970's pattern, by Sybil Connolly.

I was drawn to the neckline, the sash and the inverted pleat, I've had the pattern in my stash for a little while now.  The pattern is a size 12 but my bust is closer to the size 10 and my waist and hips to the size 14.  There are no finished measurements given so I decided to make it up as it is.

Its hard to see past the hideous duvet cover I used to make it out of but its fine at the back...

... but about two inches to big at the front.

To see how much I needed to get rid of I pinched out the centre front seam.

I think the bodice is sightly too long also.  I've roughly pinned the hem but I think that it needs to be shorter than designed.  I'm not sure about the sleeve length either (I'd like to say that I put the sleeve in inside out on purpose but...).
The pattern has some really nice features like crooked darts at the neck.

And I've not seen a sleeve where the easing doesn't go all the way over the top of the sleeve head before.

My plan is to lose some of the excess fabric on the princess seams, some in the centre front seam and narrow the front section slightly also - two inches seems a lot to get rid of.  But I'm not sure whether I really love it.  Hmmm.


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