Butterick 5997 - Artist's Top

I've been away from blogging for a little while again, the bridesmaid dress project stalled (more on that another time), but I have sewn up a couple of things since March.
I've just finished a Butterick 5997 top.

I've had this pattern a while, I bought it because it was similar to a ready to wear top that I loved (and wore to death).  I decided to combine views to make my version - the pin tucks from C and D, sleeves from A (but minus the tab), collar from A and D and yokes from A and B.  To incorporate the yokes I compared that front pieces from both views and cut the pin tucked version to what I guessed would be the right shape at the shoulder.

The fabric is cotton, I think, pale blue with multi-coloured flecks (like paint splashes) that you don't notice until close up. I must have had a particular project in mind when I bought it from Barry's in Birmingham last year because I bought 2.2m but I can't think what it was I wanted to do with it.

The pattern is rated easy but I think the instructions are a bit vague in places for a beginner, I've never done pin tucks before so I didn't find the 'stitch close to creased edges' part particularly helpful, as a consequence my tucks are a little uneven.  It turns out you need to stitch really close.

My collar isn't the most even  - is there a special trick to attaching this sort of collar?  I did learn a few things after my Vogue 8847 attempt - such as drawing the stitching line on to the interfacing and using a really small stitch size to go round the corners and this has led to a much better shape over all, but its the join at the front neck I can't quite master.  Still I think that's the kind of thing other people don't tend to notice.

I cut a size 8 but graded out to a 12 at the hip and it fits really nicely.

I definitely want to make this again, Mr B bought me some Liberty lawn for my birthday that I'm going to use.  The only change I'd make is to lengthen the sleeves slightly as the cuff is lying just on my elbow.

So on to version 2 of H's bridesmaid dress...


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