Bridesmaid's dress - Part One

I can't believe its half way through March already!
I've not done much (any) sewing so far in 2015 as we've been doing some quite major kitchen renovations - weeks without out a kitchen sink, days without a hob... its just about done now so this weekend I got on with some sewing.
My sister is getting married in August and my mother and I are making the bridesmaids' dresses.  To be fair I'm only making one and my mother is making three but its nice to be involved.
The strange thing is I've never met or even seen a photo of the bridesmaid I'm making for so I just have the measurements to go on and the fitting will be done by post.  It its weird sewing for someone who is a completely different shape to me so I'm having trouble visualizing what the end result will be.
The dress I'm making is Butterick 5708 - a retro pattern with shoulder ties that can be worn in multiple styles.

I think H wants to wear it as the black dress is styled.  Another bridesmaid is also having this dress so my mother and I are able to compare notes.
All four will be made up in Liberty Tana Lawn.
I've made a bodice toile, it went together very easily - I had the bodice cut out and sewn in under 4 hours.  I'm sure its not going to be this straight forward but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good fit.

The great thing is I'm not a bridesmaid (don't worry my sister wasn't bridesmaid for me either - I've not been snubbed, its just the way our relationship works) so I get to wear (sew) anything I want!


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