O Christmas Tree

Its been an eventful week and a bit involving a gas leak, fabric melting on to the iron and a blue tit in the loft among other things . But finally our tree is up and I'm basking in its multicoloured glow as I type.
My doll Christmas tree topper is finished! (well almost)

The fabric was the bolero from Vogue 2237 which I cut out in 2003 but never sewed up (I can't believe the pattern's still in print, well I can because its a classic but still it must be well over 15 years old).  I did make the dress, in pink, but it was pre-digital and its since gone to charity. Anyways...it went well with our tree decorations.

I traced the pattern pieces from Vintage Barbie in Paris on to tissue paper from a free pattern that I couldn't see myself ever making which made cutting out and transferring markings easier.  I got a little impatient so the dress is just pinned at the back, but she's not for playing with so I didn't see the point of adding fastenings.  I also didn't bother with the net under the bodice because I couldn't get it to gather evenly at all.  The lapels are meant to fold down but I quite like the pointing up so that's how they are.

I can see myself making her a new outfit for next Christmas...


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