Vogue 1362 - Part Four (Finished)

Note to self: complicated sewing projects and the beginning of the academic year do not make for smooth sailing!
I did manage to get Vogue 1362 finished in time - hemming done with two days to spare, I even did French tacks for the first time ever
I'm really pleased with the dress, I think it looks very much like the pattern envelope.

The neck line is amazing! My circles didn't match up but it wasn't a problem to sew.
The back looks like it is stretching slightly but its not, its just the zip isn't in perfectly.  The fit ended up being really good.  I loved the sleeves, the armholes are smaller and the sleeves are quite fitted which felt odd to start with but I think made it look more polished

That said I did have a problem with the sleeve lining in that it wasn't anywhere long enough to fit over the armhole seam to catch on to the facing.  I could only stitch it down on the outer half, its loose under the arm.  You can't tell from the outside but if I was doing it again I would cut the lining pieces the same as for the dress and trim the excess away later to give myself more to play with.
I think the side pleats would have worked better if the fabric was a bit more drapey but when you are moving about I don't think this mattered too much.

It was a lovely, if slightly damp, day.
And I was going to take loads more photos - close ups, the insides etc.  But we accidentally left our wedding outfits in the in-law's spare room wardrobe.  Oops!
I might get the dress back at October half term, or Christmas...


  1. Stunning! Well done you. Please post on our Pinterest fan gallery if you'd like: http://bit.ly/1koHoHu

    1. Done! Its really lovely that you are interested - thanks. Brilliant (if tricky) pattern!

  2. After buying this pattern I found your blog, your dress is stunning! I found your tips very useful. I too made mine for a wedding and thought you might like to see it. https://www.facebook.com/fivepastseventailoring/photos/a.424682781006213.1073741828.375432842597874/524904010984089/?type=1&theater

    1. I'm not sure if you can see the link as it's from my Facebook page, if not I will try and work out how to attach a pic here!

    2. It's absolutely stunning! I would never have thought to use upholstery fabric (but I definitely will now),so beautiful and I love the matching purse.


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