Vogue 8889 - Part One

Time seems to have flown by recently - September is always a hectic month!
I've just 'finished' my trial version of Vogue 8889 for Mr B.

It will be our second wedding anniversary in under a month and I am making a shirt as my gift as we are going with cotton presents this year.  I'm not convinced it will be finished in time as I haven't picked any fabric yet.
I don't normally sew for other people, I'm totally selfish like that.  I think I made my sister a tissue holder once upon a time!
I had no idea of sizes for vogue shirts so I measured Mr B's chest, 36" exactly, and cut out a 36. My Daddy donated one of my Granny's old sheets that he had been keeping in the shed, no expense spared here!
The fit doesn't seem too bad except for the sleeve length but that's easily sorted.

It more the finishing that's the difficulty.  I've never done flat felled seams before and I found they aren't too hard apart from the one joining the sleeve to the body (must try harder next time) and the underarm one which was like sewing down a tunnel (is that really how you do it?).

And some how I sewed the placket for the cuff in the wrong place.  I don't know how.  I thought something was a bit strange when I attached the cuff but I wasn't too concerned.  Then when it was on it was clear it wasn't in the correct position.  I've even found the markings for the correct placement.  Really, I've no idea how that happened!

So all I need to is shorten the pattern piece for the sleeve (easy); pick some some fabric (hmm...); and sew the shirt (what could possibly go wrong?).
If I can master making a man's shirt I will be very proud of myself.  If...


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