Explorer Skirt

I finished the skirt from Vogue 1357 last weekend but rather selfishly Mr B went off to Sorrento with his camera so I've been waiting to get pictures taken.
"I think you'd really like Capri" said Mr B.
I'm sure I would...
Anyway I'm calling this my explorer skirt because I've made it for our summer holiday, I think it will be practical and cool for wandering around new places in.
I've made it up in navy linen with a polycotton lining.

It made up really easily and the most amazing thing was that I cut out a straight size 12 and the waist fits perfectly.  The only slight issue was that somehow the lining was about an inch smaller than the outside so I've had to fiddle things about the zip a little to make it fit together - don't know how that happened at all.
The envelope doesn't give any fabric suggestions for the skirt, I'm glad I've used polycotton for the lining as the linen is very soft and it it needs a bit of body I think.
A couple more pictures below...

To make the hem of the front insert look in line with the rest of the front I had to curve it up significantly towards the centre.

It may just be my behind but the hem across the back seems to curve really nicely - it looks straight on the envelope.
I'll definitely make this skirt again - I'm toying with the idea of a contrast insert.
I've already cut out my next make, Vogue 1353, so hopefully more sewing soon!


  1. This is too funny! I have a UFO of a Burda skirt with a CF pleat in dark gray denim I have to finish AND I am in the middle of sewing V1353, LOL! Que le monde est petit, as my grandmother would

    Re: V1353, I don't know if you've noticed but there are two different skirt pieces. My advice is make the one with fewer pleats and save yourself the hassle of that "extra" pleat right at the CB seam. It's overkill, IMO and makes putting in a zipper by machine needlessly delicate. My next version will be simplified.

    I am all for breezy skirts as a rule, but summer here is very hot this year. The temperature rose steadily throughout Easter week and we are in the high 90s/early 100s almost daily and it's not even August yet!!!

    1. What a strange coincidence - hope your skirt works out!
      Have checked my pattern pieces for V1353 and only have one kind of skirt piece (and I've already cut ). The fabric I'm using is really light so hopefully the zip insertion will go okay.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. Looks great! Thanks for your tips


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