Snow Day

I promised myself that if I was given a snow day I would use it wisely and get back to my blog.  And here I am watching snowflakes falling like feathers from the comfort of my sofa.  Granted I've lost a 'ten pence and a kiss' bet with Mr B as to whether I'd be at work today and I do have to share my day with plasterers and the boiler man but its always better to be at home than at school.
I'm going to try and make 2013 a year when I do much more crafting - not least to justify the setting aside of a whole room for the purpose!
So I'm going to try to
  • Make at least one item of clothing a month (January already sorted, see below)
  • Make more separates including Trousers (capital T definitely needed).
  • Get ahead with card making (instead of a rush job after looking at the kitchen calendar and discovering birthdays looming)
  • Use as many languishing craft supplies up as possible (before buying more)
  • Blog more regularly (to record progress on the above)
These are very definitely not New Year's Resolutions more New Year's Intentions and terms and conditions apply.

My first make of 2013 is complete (I've not been sitting here doing nothing all of the time), a Very Easy Vogue dress 8825.  I'm feeling really smug about it after getting loads of nice comments at work (my vanity again makes me easily pleased) including one from a colleague who came to see me specially as she'd heard I was wearing a dress I'd made myself!

I bought the jersey fabric (John Kaldor cheap off of ebay) flushed with the success of Vogue 1287 and then got caught up in a whole host of other things to do.  I used the last days of the holidays to get it started and finished it last week.  I wasn't too sure about sizing but decided on an 8 top through to a (whisper it) 14 hip - could I be Festively Plump?!
It's not Very easy in my opinion, but not at all hard and the lovely long sash hides any imperfections (in both dress and body).

Here are some pictures of the dress and me modelling it - please excuse the poor lighting.

Cuffs could have been a bit tighter perhaps?  Nevertheless its worked out well, even if I do say so myself


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