Liberty Fabric Sorbetto Top (Slightly Delayed)

Well things haven't gone entirely to plan since the last post...
Work has been a lot busier than expected and then disaster struck.  My sewing machine died, there were tears, Mr B remained calm and sensible throughout.  Fortunately the nice man at the Sewing Centre in Newcastle was able to bring it back to life.
And so this afternoon, finally, I have completed my Liberty fabric top using the free downloadable Sorbetto top pattern from Colette patterns.
I'm pretty pleased with how its turned out considering the troubles I had with my machine.  I made a size 2 and copied the pattern on to Swedish tracing paper so I can make it again.  Its the first time I've used bias tape and my stitching isn't the straightest but I don't think anyone will notice!
Time to start planning the next project.


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