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Belinda Bellville Dress Part 2 - Vogue 2771

It's finished! Well actually I finished it a month ago but things have been a bit strange since.
I decided to go with the skirt length as designed, I didn't have enough fabric to go longer, and shorten the sleeves to just above my wrists.
This fabric was so beautiful to sew, it pressed brilliantly, but every time I cut it it exploded teal fluff which I'm still finding nearly a month later!
The top stitching that I had been so nervous about went fine and because of the quality of the fabric the seam lines are so neat.
I did do a small small bust adjustment but no other changes - I possibly could do with more hip room but I couldn't figure out how to do this without making a lot more work for myself.
And this project was a lot of work! I spent hours hand basting the interlining to the outer fabric (and I've technically cut the dress out three times) and was totally fed up of the whole thing but actually it came together relatively quickly once I started machine sewin…

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