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Big Sleeves - Vogue 1704

I've mentioned before my love for Vogue's Rachel Comey patterns and I bought Vogue 1704 at the same time as Vogue 1707. I was pretty fed up with sewing my navy suit by the end so I wanted to just crack straight on with this. I didn't pre-wash my fabric or do any pattern alterations.  Will I regret this? I'll have to wait and see... Based on the finished garment measurements I decided a size 10 should be fine, I did flare out slightly more below the waist just in case (I'm not counting this as an alteration).  The sleeve pattern pieces looked interesting and huge! The pattern calls for all the seams to be bound but a) good quality bias tape is hard to come by round here and b) my normal seam finish is to fold each raw edge under and stitch so I ignored that apart from finishing the zip.  I had some black satin 'bias' binding which isn't very bias so wasn't used for its original purpose but as the side seams are virtually straight it worked fine.  I lov…

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